Stair and landing runners supplied in a variety of styles. Matched with other flooring or used to add texture and pattern they are a key design elements.

Stair and Landing Runners

Stair and Landing Runners

Decorative Element

The renaissance of stair runners in recent years is, at least in part, due to their capacity to add an extra design element to the overall style of your home. Striped, floral or abstract, runners can bring contrast to any decorative style. Plain and co-ordinated stair runners can bring cohesion.

Practical Consideration

Landings and stairs are areas of our home which experience the heaviest footfall. Separate runners used in these areas are easy to replace enabling us to manage the differing levels of wear.

Stair Rods and Fixings

We stock a range of stair rods enabling you to add the perfect finishing touches to your stair.

Stair Rods